The Op-Yop Is Back – Retro Toy Stash Discovered

Original Op-yop

Original 1968 Op-Yop

The original Op-yop is back! We are going to have some fun for a few weeks, maybe stretching into months. As proof that internet marketing concepts written about in this blog do work, I am going to present a product launch. In order to make the concepts easy to grasp I have chosen an actual product that can be physically touched. It has a limited market so we will be exploring niche marketing. The product is something unique, no direct competition. It is a retro toy not sold in over 40 years! It was a fad in 1968. This would put it smack in the middle of the hippie era. It comes in Day Glo colors that light up under a black light. It makes a unique sound. I uncovered a warehouse stash of these things, left over from the original production. I think I have enough stock from the original runs to sell a worthwhile amount. We will try to cover all the marketing bases until the stock runs out.

We will do a series of press releases, write a few articles and post to the article marketing sites. I’ll go through (SEO) Optimizing the keywords for Search Engines. I’ll do a screen capture of the Google search results before and after the campaign, to show our ranking on the results. We will do some quick research into niche forums and other blogs. We will set up PayPal to receive payments. We’ll also populate the social media sites like twitter, Facebook, YouTube and others like them. I may delve into advertising of different types as examples for the blog. I may use ebay for traffic. I will make every attempt to post progress and write about the methods used, time allowing. If you want to follow along, check back to see our progress. Web site is up and running as of right now. You can visit or

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